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Jyothika was asked about her sudden move to Mumbai.

Indian actress and filmmaker Jyothika recently made a comeback to Bollywood with her films Shaitaan and Srikanth. In an exclusive interview with Zoom, she shared insights into her personal life, including her marriage to actor Suriya and her move to Mumbai.

Regarding her decision to relocate to Mumbai, Jyothika clarified that it was driven by family reasons rather than professional motives. She explained, “It’s not always what is spoken outside. I mean, we shifted to Mumbai for my parents, right? It was post COVID, and they were unwell. I wanted to be closer to them after 27 years away from home and relatives. So, after COVID, those inner feelings surfaced, and I felt the need to spend time with them.”

She emphasized that the move was not initially about work but about strengthening family ties. However, coincidentally, opportunities in Hindi cinema emerged soon after her relocation, which she saw as a sign from the universe aligning with her thoughts. Throughout this transition, Jyothika acknowledged Suriya’s unwavering support.

Discussing her relationship with Suriya’s family, Jyothika expressed warmth and closeness. She shared, “I am definitely close to them, especially since I spent more time with them after marriage while the men were at work. They’ve been incredibly supportive, offering advice and help, particularly from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.”

She reflected on how supportive they were of her career, even managing matters back home when she was away working. Jyothika described the bond as forming beautiful new relationships, deeper than she had imagined before marrying into the family.

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