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Indie Favourites Anubha & Iqlipse drop their first single together, ‘Savera’

Experience the pure and simple joys of love through a captivating indie sound

 Khwab and Lamhey fame, Iqlipse Nova and Anubha Bajaj come together to release their first single together, “Savera.” This sweet romantic track perfectly captures the magic of everyday love, offering listeners a musical warmth that feels like a hot cup of chai on a rainy evening

Introducing “Savera,” a song symbolizing love in its purest, most innocent form, whether it’s towards friends, family, or partners. With its calming melody and heartfelt lyrics, “Savera” invites listeners to immerse themselves in the everyday wonders of love and cherish the simple joys of togetherness. Savera is a song that fits perfectly while watching the sunset, cooking, dancing, or making memories with your loved ones. Let the song take you on a journey through the sweetness and simplicity of relationships, where every moment is filled with magic. Experience the magic of genuine relationships with “Savera.”

The musical journey of “Savera” takes us through delicate guitar strums, and soft, inviting vocals that evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia. The track artfully combines modern indie pop with classical Indian musical elements, creating a soundscape that is both timeless and contemporary.

Featuring Iqlipse Nova and Anubha Bajaj, the talented pair as vocalists, composers, as well as lyricists, the track was taken to new heights with Polar’s production.

Renowned for his viral song “Khwab” Iqlipse Nova expressed “Working with Anubha on ‘Savera’ has been an enriching experience. We aimed to create a song that reflects our shared musical style and vision, highlighting the common elements in our song. Conceptually, Savera is like an appreciation note for the people in our lives who are just one call away! For me, ‘Savera’ is more than just a song, it’s a personal reflection of my beautiful experiences with my loved ones. I hope it resonates with everyone who listens.”

Anubha Bajaj, a rising star in the indie music scene, conveys her thoughts, “Savera” is a reflection of the warmth and simplicity that love brings into our lives. Collaborating with Iqlipse was incredibly inspiring, and together we wanted to craft a track that feels like a gentle embrace. We hope ‘Savera’ makes people feel connected to the beautiful, everyday experiences of love.”

Listen to Savera here by Iqlipse & Anubha –

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