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Karan Oberoi, Actor and Singer, Previously in Relationship with Mona Singh from “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin” Collaboration

Karan Oberoi, an actor and singer, was once romantically involved with Mona Singh during their time together on the TV series Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin.

In a recent interview, Karan shared insights into their breakup, expressing his desire to marry Mona, who ultimately ended the relationship.

Reflecting on their romance, Karan described how it blossomed during their work on Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, praising Mona’s personality and humor. Despite the split, he holds no resentment towards her.

When questioned about Mona’s decision to end things when he proposed, Karan empathized, acknowledging her rising career and the pressures it brought. He now understands the importance of accepting people for who they are.

Karan discussed coping with heartbreak, revealing that it drove him to pursue writing as a form of catharsis.

He admitted to not crossing paths with Mona post-breakup, citing their divergent career paths and his own inclination towards solitude.

While Karan was last seen in the 2017 web series Inside Edge, Mona is currently basking in the success of her recent film Munjya, which has grossed Rs 27 crore in five days.

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