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The viewers of Comedy Central can watch the hilarious mockumentary, Monday to Friday at 7 pm

Comedy Central gears up to air all seasons of The Office this April! Let’s take a look at the funniest episodes that you must watch!

Comedy Central, India’s one-stop shop for all the English comedy shows, gears up to air one of the best mockumentaries of all time, just for you! The Office is a sitcom that revolves around the daily routine of the employees of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and has given all of us tons of giggles and pleasures (that’s what she said). The chaos, the pranks among the employees, and the overall family-like ways of our favorite characters has made it legendary, and we are here to see it come back!

For all The Office fans, here are some of the favourite episodes of all time that will revive the best moments of the show. The fans of The Office can tune into Comedy Central, Monday to Friday at 7 pm, and make the most of this comedic extravaganza.

Let’s have a look at some of the funniest episodes from the entire series of The Office!

Michael and Dwight Fight

Throughout the series, we never get to see Micheal and Dwight get into an ugly fight. The only exception to this rather lovable dynamic is seen in the sixth episode of season two. In this episode, the entire team at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company decides to compete for the title of the ‘toughest person’ in the office. Micheal and Dwight, being the characters that they are, get into it and end up in one of the most well-known and laughed at fights in television history!

Twisted Resolution

After a series of pranks between Jim and Dwight that would have collateral effects on the people in the office, the twenty-first episode in season 2 saw the office deciding to do something about the two. All the members of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company decide to hold a meeting to discuss Jim’s and Dwight’s shenanigans. However, that conversation quickly turns into discussing everything other than our two pranksters, giving the audiences a good recap of the hilarity that goes on in The Office!

The Unsafe Safety Drill

In the 20th episode of the third season, Darryl tells Micheal that the jobs of everyone working in the office is much more comfortable and easier than the ones in the warehouse. Micheal thinks that the office jobs are just as dangerous, but in different ways, and decides that the hazards of an office job aren’t very visible to the outside world. On the crusade to shine light on the difficulties of an office-job employee, Micheal finds himself on the roof of the building, shouting about stress and depression. How does Micheal get there? What exactly is he yelling from the rooftop? The answers to all of these questions can be found only on Comedy Central!

An Adventurous Cruise Trip

It is evident that the members of The Office are completely different when they spend time away from their traditional office set-up. In episode 11 of season 2, all of them head towards a cruise liner for a trip into the big blue. However, given the fact that it is this bunch of people from Scranton, the entire voyage turns into a hilarious ordeal. Tons of fun banter, shenanigans, a speech by Michael, and the fact that this is one of the few episodes set outside the actual office make it one that the fans love.

Three Complicated Love Triangles!

Episode 22 of season 2 turned out to be a season finale that not only set the direction for the seasons to come, but also one that left a mark in the hearts of the viewers. This episode saw a charity casino night being held in the warehouse of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s office. However, the night turns into a tornado of emotions as the viewers get to see a little bit of heartbreak, a little bit of budding love, a lot of emotions, and Dwight beating Micheal in a game of Craps. This episode truly set the series in a direction that it continued to traverse to the very end and we think you absolutely must not miss it!

Tune into Comedy Central to watch the funniest scenes, every Monday to Friday at 7 pm!

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