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Northern Cyprus: A Region Awakens

In recent years, Northern Cyprus has increasingly become an insider tip for emigrants. It is precisely its proximity to the European Union without being a member of this organisation itself that makes Northern Cyprus the destination of many Europeans who are (probably justifiably) worried about their savings. Europeans in particular, and especially many Germans, see Northern Cyprus as an ideal destination for their retirement. Favourable living costs in direct comparison to Germany, a mild and summery climate all year round and, last but not least, a health system whose standards are significantly higher than those they are used to in their own country are increasingly attracting Germans. Northern Cyprus as a place that has slowly emancipated itself from the status of “insider tip” to become an alternative to other, previously preferred retirement destinations for sun-seeking Germans. Ibiza, Majorca or Spain – that was once upon a time: today, Northern Cyprus has long been an alternative worth considering.

While the status of Northern Cyprus may at first glance put some Europeans off, the European recognition of land, which has been clarified by the IPC, has long made the purchase of property in Northern Cyprus as safe for Europeans as if they were buying property in Spain or France. The major local developers, such as NOYANLAR, ensure that their projects are planned and implemented in such a way that the land is absolutely safe and does not pose any risks to Europeans in terms of property rights.

The real estate market in Northern Cyprus follows the increased demand from the European area with projects that now stand direct comparison with standards from Germany or other Western countries. The materials used are generally comparable, if not better, and the environmental standards during construction or completion are also absolutely within the European norm.

But when it comes to buying property, not all North Cyprus is the same. Northern Cyprus has regional characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing a suitable property. For example, the coast near Girne or Esentepe is rather rocky and rugged, while the coast between Famagusta and Karpaz is fine-sanded and gently sloping and thus much more advantageous for bathing holidaymakers or residents who like to cool off in the gentle waves of the Mediterranean in summer. This coast is also characterised by lower humidity, making the high temperatures in summer more pleasant to bear, while the coast near Girne or Esentepe has much higher humidity and can therefore make summer exhausting due to the tropical climate that prevails there.

So it is no wonder that the coast in the Bay of Famagusta and especially in the Iskele region has become a magnet when it comes to owning a property for retirement or as a smart investment. This bay has the warmest water temperatures in the entire Mediterranean. This can be explained by the very gently sloping beach and the fact that there are almost no currents in this bay. This means that the water not only warms up more quickly, but also stays warm for much longer. The bathing season in the bay of Famagusta and at Long Beach Iskele, which lies in the middle of this bay, lasts until December and starts again at the end of March each year. Is it any wonder that Long Beach Iskele is one of the most popular places in North Cyprus?

Due to the enormous increase in demand for holiday accommodation at Long Beach Iskele, double-digit returns on investment can be expected. Holidaymakers and residents alike enjoy the excellent infrastructure in this region. Wonderfully developed walking paths, the long beach promenade, many shops and restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies or medical centres offer residents and guests everything they need for living or for a relaxing holiday.

The foundation for this success of an entire region was laid many years ago by NOYANLAR, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The managing director of the family-owned company, Ahmet Noyan, and his wife, Zarif Noyan, shared a vision many years ago, when no one could foresee the boom that was about to begin, to create completely new projects. They began to perfect the concept of large residential complexes and created complexes that, in addition to different housing units, also provide all the amenities that residents can expect. For example, NOYANLAR complexes offer large parks, sports fields, pools and other recreational facilities. This concept of facilities with recreational amenities for the residents and the accompanying infrastructure proved to be the key to the success of an entire region. Thus, after Noyanlar, other big names in the industry followed the increased demand at LONG BEACH ISKELE and offered alternatives in their very own style.

By now, LONG BEACH ISKELE is probably the number one region when it comes to making a safe investment in Northern Cyprus. While it was NOYANLAR with Ahmet and Zarif Noyan who laid the foundation for the success of an entire region with their vision and who opened this region to the entire world with their projects, it is these two visionaries who are now also laying the keystone. The mega project OCEAN LIFE, now coming from NOYANLAR, completes the skyline of Long Beach Iskele in a unique way and will undoubtedly set new standards once again. OCEAN LIFE at Long Beach Iskele with its slogan “Dive into a good life” delivers what it promises: living spaces in dimensions that are significantly above comparable units, designs and materials that undoubtedly meet the highest standards and, last but not least, an overall concept that once again makes it clear why North Cyprus and especially Long Beach Iskele is at the top of the world’s leagues when it comes to finding the best places for real estate investment.

With OCEAN LIFE on Long Beach Iskele, North Cyprus is likely to be enriched by a future landmark that will certainly stand for a booming region in a few years, just as the “Burj Khalifa” or “The Palm” stand for Dubai.

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