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Surrounded by opportunist characters Himanshu Malhotra’s one mistake turns out to be a nightmare for him in Hungama’s original ‘Mauka Ya Dhokha’

opportunist characters Himanshu’s Malhotra’s…..nightmare….Hungama’s original ‘Mauka Ya Dhokha’

You might have made numerous wishes in your life. Be it for your favorite car, your preferable holiday destination, or for your loved ones. Have you ever thought that one single wish that you have made results in the biggest mistake of life? A decision that traps you on a road to hell! Himanshu Malhotra, who will be seen in Hungama’s upcoming murder mystery ‘Mauka Ya Dhokha’ felt the same when his character Amit Sehgal was deceived by opportunistic characters Shalini, played by Samikssha Batnagar and Satyajit, played by Aabhaas Mehta. The multitalented actor Himanshu is immensely popular and has been critically acclaimed for his iconic roles on television and in movies. With this new stint, the actor is all set to mesmerize his fans by stepping into a character never seen before.

Speaking about his new role Himanshu shares“’Mauka Ya Dhokha’ is a story that pushes an actor to step out of his comfort zone. Amit Sehgal my character is trapped because of his one single wish that spirals his life out of control. It was difficult trying to portray a nuanced character that’s very different from who I am in real life. I took it as a challenge to innovate and change to get into the skin of a character that was very well written. It took me a lot of effort, time, and dedication to prepare for this role and to give my best for my followers out there. The show is indeed an intriguing murder mystery that will offer a never seen encounter for the audience. The twists and turns with each passing episode will unveil different shades of other characters which will give a roller coaster ride experience to the viewers.”

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