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Giti Gour a star kid is all set to rule the Bollywood # Must check out…

f we talk about the Giti gour, she is amazing dancer and also won many of the titles in various beauty pageants. As, we already told that this song is presented under the banner of carnival one. So, now it’s time for discussing about the captain of the ship in this amazing venture. This song is directed by Akansha, who already has impressive record in journalism is the director of this amazing mesmerising video song. She is Gold medalist in journalism from vice President of the India Vankaiah Naidu.

On conversation with Ms. Akansha, correspondence came to know that when very first time she met Giti Gour, she immediately decided that she will be the female lead of her song. She also mentioned that Dr. Rekha Gour (Beautiful mother of Giti Gour) was the great help throughout the project. She stood by me at every stage of the production. Which is a blessing for the production team.

When met Dr. Rekha Gour for her feedback on the song. She quoted, ” I am extremely happy and still not able to grasp that all these things are happening and giti is getting such a wonderful launch and starting her Bollywood journey with the help and love of Akansha M. Amin. The proudest moment for me was when Giti’s father started crying on seeing her at the big screen. We suddenly came to know that Giti is grown up now. Another most touching feeling in this song is that my both the daughter’s are launched together. Sanjiti Gour younger daughter of mine is portraying the character of younger Giti in this video.

So, for seeing and experiencing the real music on reel must visit Carnival one. Carnival music is a division of carnival one, carnival One is a 30 year’s old company. Which has played a pivotal role in launching and providing the right platform in right direction at right time to many of the talents.

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