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You are the best decision of my life”, Who is Mannara referring to?!

Mannara with her quirky personality and engaging content on her social media never fails to entertain her audiences. Her latest reel with her ‘Mr right’ has given rise to many speculations amongst the audiences and left them absolutely surprised and clueless. 

Mannara’s latest reel shows her holding the hand of a ‘secret’ man, ‘her right choice in life’ as shared by her. They couple can be seen walking dheere dheere, hand in hand, while a soothing track plays in the background. The real question here is who is the ‘right choice’ and what is brewing between them?!

Like the audiences, we all want to know what’s going on and what the duo is hinting at. Let’s stay tuned till the truth unfolds and Mannara’s secret comes out. Till then check out this reel on her page and keep guessing.. 

Check out the reel here:-



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