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What Went Wrong With Undergarment Brand’s Pitch #Shark tank

The majority of episodes on Shark Tank India feature various innovative business ideas, with some striking deals with the sharks while others face rejection.

During the latest episode, one company pitching their undergarment brand left Anupam Mittal, one of the sharks, infuriated due to the concept and name of the brand.

The recent episode of Shark Tank India 3 showcased multiple intriguing interactions, with Ankit, Anshuman, and Mohit presenting their undergarment company, “2Ballz.” However, the sharks found the brand name and concept unappealing.

Initially requesting Rs 30 lakhs for 5% of the business valued at Rs 6 crores, Anupam Mittal expressed his displeasure with the brand’s name and concept, labelling it as inappropriate. Vineeta also criticized the brand’s name for being too forward, implying it could deter potential customers.

Mohit questioned the sharks if they would personally use the products, showing their willingness to consider feedback. However, Anupam’s reaction turned negative when he questioned the founders’ commitment to their venture.

Vineeta highlighted the limited customer base of 1000 clients, while Aman doubted the relevance of the problem the company aimed to address in the modern world. Anupam even accused the founders of imitating a foreign brand, escalating the tension further.

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