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Uorfi Javed loses her cool with MTV Splitsvilla X4’s unruly contestants, and plans to hit back!

MTV Splitsvilla X4 is nearing its grand finale and we can see the drama intensifying on the show! But the drama has spilled off the villa sets, into a behind-the-scenes inferno! Mischief Maker Uorfi Javed, who added her quintessential dose of masala and mirch to this romantic potpourri, was seen losing her cool with Justin and Sakshi who have been strong contenders and are finalists on the show.

Leaked footage from a shoot reveals Uorfi Javed speaking to contestant Justin D’ Cruz and planning a trip together. The video shows Justin’s love connection Sakshi walking into the room and getting really upset about the situation. Agitated, she says “I am searching for you, and calling you, but you are here. I come to you in one call. I want to speak to you for 2 minutes.” While Uorfi tries to reason, Sakshi persists and this angers the former. Tempers soar and Uorfi gives a befitting reply “What is it that you want to discuss, that can’t be done after 10 minutes?! I am discussing our trip together, why are you interrupting? Anyway, you guys are together the whole day. You guys don’t understand I am not in the villa!” She further adds a sting saying, “King size ego, drame hazaar, par IQ minus chaar!”

Sources say that after this argument, Uorfi has decided to hit back at the unruly contestants. We certainly know she has a way of surprising and shocking the audience! Can’t wait to see what the Queen of drama and sensation comes up with!

Catch MTV Splitsvilla X4’s much-anticipated epic Grand Finale on 11th February, Saturday, only on MTV at 7PM!

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