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Take out time for a Bubble Bath!!

Life is busy and stressful and full of obligations. Sometimes we all need to get away and take some time for ourselves. I have learned over the years that there is nothing that will better prepare me to do my job well, parent well, or maintain strong relationships well more than taking some time for myself as often as I can. There are many ways to take time alone. I love to go out for a long run. But my wife loves nothing more than taking time for a bubble bath as often as she can fit one in.

It doesn’t matter what activity you chose to do for relaxation and for alone time, it simply matters that you do something that gets you away from the stress and craziness of normal life. For my wife, a bubble bath does the trick. I love filling a hot bubble bath for her at the end of a long day and making it full of aromatherapy bubbles and lighting candles around the edges of the bath. I know that there is nothing that relaxes her more than a bubble bath, especially when there is some soft jazz music in the background.

Going for a long run does the same trick that a bubble bath does for my wife. It helps us refocus on things that are truly important and it helps the stresses of the day to be forgotten. We have found that it is important for us to fit in runs and bubble baths as often as we can. We notice that our marriage is stronger, our communication is better, and that we are better parents when we have taken time away to energize ourselves.

When I first learned that my wife loved a good bubble bath I began going out of my way to make sure she had that special time at least a few days each week. I even went to a local bath supply store and bought as many bath salts, bubble bath sets and aromatherpy candles as I could purchase. I love giving her these things at random times throughout the year simply because I know that she loves taking bubble baths so much.

If you or someone you know loves taking a good bubble bath, then get to a local shop and get all the bath supplies that are needed. Life is too short to spend it stressfully going from one event to another. Take time for yourself today whether that is through a bubble bath or in any other way.

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