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Surprise Me Cheap Holidays Anywhere!!!

Surprise Me Cheap Holidays Anywhere!!!

You might find that a surprise vacation is more exciting. Cheap holidays anywhere might include last minute deals to Marbella, Puerto Rico or even San Pedro. Just say surprise me and pick a week or weekend you would like to travel and you might be surprised where you will be taking your next vacation. Last minute deals are exciting you just have the thrill of going somewhere you have never thought about before. You will still enjoy yourself, you will just have great savings and fast packing. Take San Pedro for instance, you might not choose this for your vacation, but this is going to be one trip you will never forget.

Traveling to San Pedro, you might stay in Orange Walk or Cayo District. Another popular area is Belize with so many different things to do. The thing to do in Belize is to explore the underwater environment. The barrier reef is somewhere to see colorful fish, exotic fish and a reef you have never seen anywhere else. You might see a manatees or even the almost extinct American marine crocodile and the many marine turtles. People love to visit the barrier reef and if you have an underwater camera, you are going have memories of this experience that few people have the opportunity to have in their travel collection.

You might plan your surprise cheap holidays to Marbella for some fun and beautiful beaches. They have resorts, hotels and apartments for everyone to enjoy. The beaches are set on the Mediterranean Sea where the waters are warm and inviting. Marbella has some exciting nightlife, fantastic shopping and many art exhibits that will keep the family busy. You will find some live entertainment clubs, dance clubs and the casinos for some more excitement. They have pool tables and something you may never have heard of called snooker, which is another form of pool.

If you are taking the kids, you need to go to Funny Beach. It is a playground for kids with rides and some go-karts for the older kids and adults. The beach also has a bar for some refreshments. Then you have the game of golf at Los Naranjos Golf courses and Artola Golf. These courses are said to be very well groomed and exciting to play because of the terrain around the area. If you are looking for a romantic walk during the evening hours, Casco Antiquo has cobblestone streets that are winding and narrow.

Cheap holidays to Puerto Rico are another exciting trip. You will find casinos, excellent dining and discos for a night of dancing. You will see ceremonial parks, plantations, old colonial churches and years of history. You can take scheduled tours or just do your own tour. You might even enjoy the museums and the Aracibo Observatory up in the mountains. This by means is the most extraordinary thing to see. They have a dish pointed towards the sky that is as big as a dozen football fields put together. This is one place you will want to spend the day seeing.

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