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Sunny Leone & Daniel Weber’s Epic Entrepreneurial Revolution Unleashed at Rize! You Won’t Believe What Happened!

In an inspiring tale that goes beyond conventional business endeavours, the journey of two college students, Sahil Manral and Dhruv Verma’s entrepreneurial venture Rize underwent a remarkable transformation with the investment of actress-entrepreneur Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber. Acknowledged by Startup India, this venture signifies far more to these enterprising youths than mere profit-seeking; it represents a fusion of individual principles and dreams..

Besides financial support, Sunny and Daniel offer vital mentorship for startup success. Through Rize, they foster a culture of wellness and empowerment driven by sincere passion. Rize introduces three unique options: Dream Bites, melatonin-infused chocolates for restful sleep; Bliss Bites, designed to ease period discomfort and satisfy sweet cravings in women; and Energy bars, blending caffeine and taurine for quick energy boosts. All products prioritize health, are sugar free, and hold 7 certifications. By addressing sleep and women’s wellness needs, these items bridge nutritional and taste preferences, highlighting Rize’s dedication to dietary diversity and community trust. Furthermore, this endeavour contributes to the ‘Make In India’ initiative, offering a pathway for local production.

The collaboration with Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber reflects Rize’s commitment to innovation, community, and steadfast support, propelling Sahil and Dhruv’s aspirations while shaping the brand into a beacon of entrepreneurial inspiration.

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