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Responding to the video’s virality, Rahat issued a statement!

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan made headlines recently due to a viral video showing him scolding his student, leading to widespread trolling. In a podcast with YouTuber Adeel Asif, Rahat revealed he immediately apologized to the student, who, in turn, questioned the need for an apology. Rahat highlighted his past financial assistance to the student, covering medical expenses and supporting family events.

Reflecting on his own childhood, Rahat shared experiences of his father’s strict discipline, recounting instances where he was beaten with stones. When questioned about his own time as a student, Rahat acknowledged similar situations without naming his ustad, emphasizing the strictness of legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Rahat described his ustad as exceptionally strict in the realm of music, capable of conveying disapproval with just a look.

Responding to the video’s virality, Rahat issued a statement, explaining the mentor-student relationship dynamics. He expressed love for the student when they perform well and stated that disciplinary actions follow wrongdoing. The student, identified as Naveed, referred to Rahat as a father figure, defending their relationship and accusing those who spread the video of attempting to defame Rahat.

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