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Mauritius Welcomes Local and International Filmmakers to Promote and Improve the Quality of Film Production.

Mauritius is a country filled to the brim with countless opportunities related to the film

industry. While the industry is far from long-established, recent efforts are being made to

boost the performance of the film production sector.

When it comes to improving the quality of the film industry, countries like Mauritius need to

look at two factors- local and international talent. While it is essential to promote local talent

and support upcoming writers, directors and actors from Mauritius, the global audience can

significantly boost the film industry's performance.

By gaining international recognition, Mauritius can build itself as a country with a strong film

production sector that will help talented individuals spread their stories nationally and

internationally through film.

Small Beginnings

At first, the film industry barely existed in Mauritius. Some attempts were made to accelerate

the development of film productions, but they needed to be more and far between, resulting

in sub-par actions.

However, the Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC)was established in the 1980s

to further develop film production within the country.

The Impact of the MFDC

The MFDC is fully funded by the government, as the Ministry of Arts and Culture saw the

value in creating a sustainable film industry in the country.

This corporation seeks to improve the state of film production in Mauritius by developing

local talent and inviting outside filmmakers to participate in growing the industry.

Casting calls, invitations for bids, short film competitions and more are set up by the

corporation. With these developments, the MFDC is on track to establish a truly remarkable

film industry in Mauritius.

By promoting film, the production quality is constantly improving. Local talent is learning

more about filmmaking, and international talent is creating more recognition for the country.

The corporation has also had a positive impact on the economy. Helping create and fund

over one hundred films a year through foreign direct investments, the country is growing

more and more each year.

Growth of the Entertainment Industry

As Mauritius gains more international traction, the film industry is growing, attracting an

impressive roster of talent. Recently, a 2020 film, Resort to Love, was released on Netflix, a

popular streaming service. A team of Americans produced this film, but it was all shot on

location in Mauritius.

As this film premiered on Netflix, it has the potential to be seen by hundreds of millions of

people. This puts all eyes on the film and Mauritius as a filming location. Both sides

benefited, as Maritus’ production crew was utilised, employing many and enhancing the

economy, while the film benefitted from a talented workforce and optimal filming location.

This is one of the many examples of the different facilities and schemes Mauritius has in

place to invite international filmmakers to contribute to the state of the film production


The Benefits of Working in Mauritius

Mauritius is home to breath-taking scenery that can help the director achieve their vision. The

perfect filming environment and filming location can enhance the entire story and production

quality. The diverse and rich landscapes have much to offer

Furthermore, Mauritius has a comprehensive Film rebate Scheme with competitive tax rates,

making filming movies a much cheaper venture for international filmmakers.

Accommodation, equipment and a talented crew are all available when filming in Mauritius,

meaning that the filming process is much easier and accessible. Filming in foreign countries

could be tricky, but Mauritius makes it all the easier.

Furthermore, companies like African Fixer can help international filmmakers easily transition

to working in a country like Mauritius. International filmmakers can have a stress-free

production in Mauritius by providing services related to Visa acquisitions, production-crew

links, catering services, hotel accommodation, and more. Filming in Africa is made all the

easier with their services.

The Potential For Growth

It is clear that Mauritius has much potential for local and international filmmakers. By
opening its doors to global talent, Mauritius is successfully growing through film industry, paving
the way for local talent to produce significant and impactful films.

An impressive film production crew, prime locations and unique benefits will ensure
Mauritius stays relevant in the eyes of global filmmakers.

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