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Mahira Khan is reportedly expecting a baby !!

Mahira Khan’s outstanding performances in popular projects like “Humsafar,” “Bin Roye,” “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay They,” and “Razia” have garnered widespread acclaim and affection from audiences.

Her foray into Bollywood with the film “Raees” alongside Shah Rukh Khan in 2016 elevated her status as a prominent actress not just in Pakistan but also in India. Additionally, in October 2023, Mahira tied the knot for the second time with Pakistani businessman Salim Karim, and there are reports suggesting that she is expecting a child after their recent wedding.

Speculations about Mahira Khan’s pregnancy surfaced on social media platform Reddit, suggesting that she may have stepped back from her ongoing projects, including Netflix’s “Jo Bachey Sang Samait Lo” and another unnamed film, due to her expected arrival in August or September.

Prior to her marriage with Salim Karim, Mahira was married to Ali Askari, with whom she shares a son named Azlan. Despite their separation in 2015, Mahira maintains a cordial relationship with her ex-husband and his new family.

In an interview with the FWhy podcast, Mahira Khan opened up about her bond with Ali Askari and their son Azlan. She revealed that both she and Ali have embraced each other’s new families, and Azlan shares a positive relationship with his half-sibling from his father’s second marriage.

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