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Ishwar Kumar’s Musical Journey and the Success of “Naina Chhalke”

In a recent interview with the multi-talented music composer, music producer, and singer, Ishwar Kumar, we delved into his illustrious career and his latest collaboration that has been making waves in the music industry.

Ishwar Kumar, known for his incredible work in the Indian music scene, has recently joined forces with the legendary lyricist Mehboob Ji, who is renowned for penning iconic songs like “Vande Mataram” with A.R. Rahman and “Pal” with K.K., as well as contributing to movies such as “Rangeela” and “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.” Their latest creation, “Naina Chhalke,” features the soulful vocals of none other than Kunal Ganjawala.

“Naina Chhalke” is creating a unique sound and bringing a delightful Indian melody to the contemporary music landscape. Ishwar Kumar explained, “Yes, this song is a pure Indian melody, rooted in folk and traveling through Indian classical, with a pop blend.”

When asked about the creation of “Naina Chhalke,” Ishwar Kumar shared, “My association with Mehboob Ji dates back to 2019 when we collaborated on Pahlaj Nihalani’s ‘Rangeela Raja.’ Since then, he has been like a guardian to me, and I always told him to send me lyrics for a song, and I would compose it. Finally, he sent me the opening lines of this song, and I was so captivated by the lyrics that I composed the music within an hour and sent it back to Mehboob Ji, who loved the composition, and that’s how we began working on it.”

Regarding his collaboration with Kunal Ganjawala, Ishwar Kumar stated, “I believe that destiny plays a role in these things, but when I was composing the song, I had in mind a slightly different Western singing style mixed with the folk tone. When the song was complete, Kunal Ji’s name popped into my mind because his range is incredible, and there’s a subtle folk element in his voice if you listen closely. I hadn’t worked with him before, but Mehboob Ji asked me who should sing the song, and I was about to suggest Kunal Ji when Mehboob Ji said, ‘How about Kunal Ganjawala?’ It was like destiny, everything fell into place.”

“Naina Chhalke” has received fantastic feedback, playing on the radio and streaming platforms. Ishwar Kumar expressed his gratitude for the appreciation and shared exciting news about upcoming projects, including more indie pop songs with Mehboob sir, I’ve also composed all the songs and background music for Pahlaj Nihalani’s film ‘Anari Is Back,’ going to release soon and my musical Series ”Folk Music Cafe” is in the works, along with some pre-production for upcoming films.

“Naina Chhalke” has officially been released on BIG IVO YouTube channel. Ishwar Kumar’s journey in the music industry continues to be an inspiring one, and is proof of his unwavering dedication to creating beautiful melodies that resonate with audiences worldwide. We look forward to his upcoming projects and the continued success of his musical endeavors.

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