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International Breast Cancer Awareness gets a musical boost with Hungama Digital Media and Pratichee Mohapatra partnership.

A soulful composition is curated by the talented Music Director, Shubham Srivastava and written by lyricist Sourabh Nema 

International Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October serves as a global call to address a critical issue. Hungama Digital Media, India’s leading digital entertainment company that provides services across music, video, entertainment news and gaming, joins hands, with renowned singer and breast cancer survivor, Pratichee Mohapatra. Together, they present ‘Jee Rahein’ a song celebrating the unwavering spirit of humanity’s hopes & faith in survival. The soulful rendition is composed by the talented music director Shubham Srivastava and written by lyricist Sourabh Nema.

Breast cancer remains a topic seldom broached among many women. Hence, this collaboration endeavors to shed light on and educate people about the imperative necessity of discussion. Pratichee Mohapatra is poised to showcase her vocal prowess and artistic expression in advocating for awareness around this life-threatening ailment. The song, ‘Jee Rahein’ is now accessible on Hungama Digital Media, providing the audience an opportunity to rally behind the message of fortitude and resilience.

Soumini Sridhara Paul, Senior Vice President, Hungama Artist Aloud, said, “At Hungama, we understand the importance of our role in educating and raising awareness about important issues. Breast cancer is a serious problem, and it often goes unnoticed, putting lives at risk. We are happy to collaborate with Pratichee for another year, who herself is a survivor of breast cancer. She helps us teach our audience about this disease and how it’s possible to come out of it stronger. Our goal is to inform and inspire hope in our audience.”

Sharing her thoughts, Pratichee Mohapatra said, “I am truly delighted to continue my association with Hungama Digital Media for another year. This song represents a beacon of hope, a miraculous journey, the essence of a warrior’s spirit, and a tribute to the indomitable human will. It is a celebration of our resilience in the face of adversity, a reminder to seize every moment of life without regret. Like every raindrop after the scorching heat brings a new beginning, ‘Jee Rahein’ celebrates an unwavering faith in the spirit to survive.”

The song ‘Jee Rahein’ draws its inspiration from the personal journey of Pratichee Mohapatra, a survivor and warrior who battled both liposarcoma and breast cancer. Her story, along with those of numerous other warriors like her, serves as the cornerstone of this song. These courageous individuals, often referred to as ‘Sheroes‘ are a testament to the strength of the human spirit and deserve to be celebrated for their unwavering resilience and determination. ‘Jee Rahein’ is a tribute to these incredible survivors and their remarkable journeys.

The audience can now listen to ‘Jee Rahein’ on Hungama Digital Media, offering them a chance to stand in support of the message of strength and unwavering determination.

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