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“I feel like everyone attended our wedding,” : Sonakshi Sinha.

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal, who kept their relationship private for seven years, recently made headlines with their wedding. Videos of them dancing to Bollywood songs and celebrating with friends from the industry went viral on social media.

“I feel like everyone attended our wedding,” Sinha laughs, adding, “Even in Singapore, people at a coffee shop were congratulating us with pastries. Everyone we met was like, ‘We’ve seen all the videos from your wedding,’ and I was like, ‘Yes, everyone was part of our big day. It was really sweet.'”

After a “short and quick” honeymoon, the couple shared glimpses on social media. “My best friend had a baby five days before the wedding, so she couldn’t make it. We decided to surprise her in Singapore and meet her baby,” Sinha shares.

Just two weeks since tying the knot, Sinha is back at work, promoting her upcoming film, Zee5’s Kakuda. Asked about returning to work so soon after the wedding, she remarks, “I am very happy being back at work. It feels like I didn’t go anywhere.”

Despite their years-long courtship, Sinha reflects that married life hasn’t drastically changed things. “It’s great, actually. I feel like nothing much has changed except that I get to live with my best friend now, which is the most fun part,” she smiles. “Lovely relationships don’t change who you are. Life is great. He’s lovely. I feel lucky.”

Recalling a humorous moment from their wedding, Sinha shares how there was no clear distinction between guests from the groom’s side and the bride’s side. “Zaheer and I were joking about whether Saqib (Saleem) would come from the groom’s side or mine,” she laughs. “We have so many overlapping friends that everyone was switching sides at the party. One day they were from his side, the next day from mine. It was chaotic but we were very happy. We had the perfect wedding.”



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