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Female-Owned Creative Communications Agency Tuuti Announces Launch.

March 31st, 2023 marks the grand opening of Tuuti, Boise’s newest creative communications agency. Tuuti began when five women came together and decided to do something bold: start an all-woman-ran agency.

Tuuti is a play on the Italian word “tutti,” which means different parts working together for a whole, often in an orchestra. It fits perfectly, since every Tuuti owner brings unique talents and skillsets to the group, like individual instruments. Plus, there are five letters, one for each owner.

Shawnda Huffman, CEO and Founder of Tuuti, shares, “Our name is quirky, like us. We strive to reinvent the norm and be intentionally disruptive, which is why ‘Tuuti’ was such a great fit for us. Our mission is to empower and amplify brands – one voice, one message, one connection at a time. We like to say, ‘Your voice, our megaphone.’”

Each of the five Tuuti women bring their own areas of expertise to the table, so collectively they are well-equipped to help a variety of clients. Some of those capabilities include content, creative, digital marketing, public relations, social media, traditional media buying, and more.

As a whole, the Tuuti group specializes in boosting brand awareness, nurturing reputations, and strengthening connections between companies and their audiences.

“Tuuti is where the magic happens,” Huffman says. “There is something special about the bond we five women share, and the way we work together to make incredible campaigns and launch brands. From start to finish, we dedicate ourselves to putting our whole hearts into telling your story and telling it right.”

In addition to their specific specialities, the Tuuti team prides themselves on practicing their five “C’s”: Community, Connections, Creativity, Culture, and Customer Satisfaction.

MaKayla Beaudoin, Creative Director and Partner at Tuuti, shares, “Our culture plays such a pivotal role in our day-to-day here at Tuuti. I wake up each day and never feel like going to work is work. When us five owners are in the same room, everything just gels. And what I love is whether it’s building valuable relationships internally or externally, the Tuuti team is dedicated to creating that same inviting culture for everyone who walks through our door.”

For those wanting to learn more about the team at Tuuti and how they can take brands to the next level, check out their website.

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