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Emmy-Nominated Animator Sherene Strausberg Wins CineGlobe with Cinematic Climate Change Short “Cool For You

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recently announced nominations including Sherene Strausberg’s participation in ProPublica “The Secret IRS Files” video series which is competing for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction. The three videos by Strausberg, Nadia Sussman, Mauricio Rodríguez Pons, Almudena Toral, Kristyn Hume, Maya Eliahou, Chris Morran and Joe Singer ran as part of a larger series that revealed a series of systemic inequities that allow America’s wealthiest citizens to pay little or nothing in federal taxes. To make complex financial concepts easy to understand — and the inequalities exacerbated by current tax policy impossible to ignore — the team created humorous but gut-punching videos that unpack some of the most outrageous techniques used by the ultrawealthy to avoid taxes.

Her animated short “Cool For You” is currently playing as part of Italy’s La Guarimba festival as part of
“La Grotta Dei Piccoli,” the children’s animation festival, in collaboration with Unicef from 7-12 August 2022

Iconic Actor Matthew Modine and producing partner Adam Rackoff have come on board to Executive Produce Award-winning designer Sherene Strausberg’s directorial debut “Cool For You.” The animated short film is based on the book of the same title that explains global warming to children. Incorporating different characters and families, animals and plants, children are introduced to CO2 and positive ways to improve our impact on the Earth.

Over the last few months, “Cool For You” has been fascinating film festivals around the globe, including the New Media Film Festival, Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Rochester International Children’s Film Festival, Providence Children’s Film Festival, and the Children’s Film Festival Seattle to name a few.

“My animated, short film, Cool For You, teaching young children the basic science of climate change, is heating up this summer along with all those record temperatures. With the festival’s themes of science and conservation, it had its European premieres in June at CineGlobe Film Festival at The Cern in Geneva, Switzerland and in July at Good Natured: A Conservation Optimism Short Film Festival at the Museum of Natural History in Oxford, England. The festival in Geneva is where I had the wonderful honor of receiving my first Jury Award, for a Youth Film, from a panel of three judges, who work in the industries of art, science, and technology. Executive Produced by Matthew Modine and Adam Rackoff, the film is based on the book of the same title and provides children with actions they can take to help ease global warming. It will be shown at the Hollyshorts Film Festival on Sunday, August 14th at 5pm, and at La Guarimba Film Festival, August 7th to 12th, for their program of children’s environmental films in partnership with Unicef Italia.” – stated “Cool For You” Director / Animator Sherene Strausberg.

View the “Cool For You” trailer here

Matthew Modine has worked with many of the film industry’s most respected directors, including Oliver Stone, Sir Alan Parker, Stanley Kubrick, Robert Altman, Alan J. Pakula, John Schlesinger, Tony Richardson, Robert Falls, Sir Peter Hall, Abel Ferrara, Spike Lee, Tom DiCillo, Mike Figgis, Jonathan Demme, John Sayles, and Christopher Nolan. A partial list of his films includes Birdy, Vision Quest, Full Metal Jacket, Married to the Mob and Short Cuts. Recent projects include star turns in Redemption opposite Liam Neeson (2022), Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer (2023), Hard Miles (2023) and Modine’s much-anticipated return to the Netflix global phenomenon, Stranger Things, Season 4 which reunited him with co-star Millie Bobby Brown.

Cinco Dedos Peliculas is a film, video, and multimedia production company founded by actor/filmmaker Matthew Modine and producer Adam Rackoff, a former Apple marketing executive, podcaster, and two-time Webby Award-winning filmmaker with over 35 credits to his name.

Based on the children’s picture book “Cool for You” it explains the basic science of climate change and actions we can take to help. Climate change is an urgent problem. Super storms, floods, droughts, and fires- we are just getting a taste of the new normal without global collective action to stop greenhouse gas emissions. “Cool for You” features a story of uniting to learn about the Earth and to work to stop climate change.

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