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Comedy Central’s April line-up tells you what the ultimate binge-fests are made of!

5th April 2023: This April, Comedy Central is gearing up to unleash a torrent of side-splitting shows that are bound to make you go on a binge-fest. Expect award-winning comedies and dramedies including The Office, The Middle, Young Rock, Friends, and much more! The exclusive programming line-up will also feature Atypical, an endearing show that centers around Sam Gardner, a young man living with autism. So, get ready to hop on the boat of limitless entertainment, starting from the first week of April 2023, only on Comedy Central.

Let’s take a peek at the shows lined up for April 2023 on Comedy Central!

Atypical – World Autism Day Special

The warm autism comedy will get you hooked with its arresting storyline, brilliant writing, and convincing performances with the right touch of aesthetics. The show just keeps getting better by the season, and it’s the perfect watch coming 2nd April, World Autism Day. The plot centers on the everyday struggles of family life but through the eyes of someone on the autism spectrum. 

The Office!

The whimsiness of April Fool’s Day can best be coupled with this bundle of joy! The mockumentary sitcom depicts the life story and regular going-ons of working together with a big dash of humour. The Office stars some talented actors, including Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, and many more. You are sure to turn into a fan of Jim and Dwights’ harmless spats, Angela’s sass, Andy’s music talent, and Michael Scott’s super interesting ways of management!

The Middle!

The Middle is a simple yet engaging portrayal of a lower-middle-class family, their worries, and their errors to life. The writers have retained the characters’ rawness, and this makes it super special and unbelievably relatable. So, become a part of this midwestern family’s regular and not so regular going-ons with this absolute comic gem!

Young Rock!

Fans of Dwayne Johnson are in for a treat as the critically acclaimed series Young Rock inspired by his ring name ‘The Rock’, is all set to premiere in India. In the show, the actor can be seen contesting for the US presidential elections in 2032. It brings alive his childhood trajectory going on till his skyrocketing career in wrestling and acting.


With one of the most iconic casts in TV history, F.R.I.E.N.D.S has redefined and set high bars for sitcoms! This show defined trends. People asked their hairdressers to do the Rachel, coffee shops turned people’s second homes, and college-goers started turning to their friends like family – all credit to this historic show! The 10 years of its run is called the golden age, and for all the right reasons. Here’s Comedy Central’s effort to bring that back!

Tune into Comedy Central and be a part of the stupendous hilarious journey all April!


~ The channel is all set to air shows such as The Office, Friends, The Middle and many more, starting from the first week of April ~

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