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Clark Mantilla: New York Art Life Speaks with Rising Actor

The New York Art Life magazine team had the pleasure of being able to interview Clark Mantilla, a brilliant actor, and musician engaged on the stages of New York City theaters. 

Clark Mantilla has been working on and off stage, bringing melodies and loved scores to the screen and stage by sharing his love of acting and singing. He is mainly working as a theater actor and shares his love of acting and singing on his YouTube channels, which we will dive deeper into later. Clark Mantilla has always been an avid reader of plays, songs, and theatrical works from a very young age. He always knew that acting is something he wanted to do, and how much it means to him as well as the audience that watches him.

Clark Mantilla has been part of many important projects with an extensive background that goes back to his training and experience in theater. It also involves bringing some of his own techniques and methods to the stage, injecting a bit of himself into every role and every play. He has had so many cool roles that he looks back to and thinks of the great experience. He will be starring as Lou in Holy Rollers: A Musical Comedy Concert which was performed at The Green Room 42. He was immensely excited for the world to see this concert and feel the energy that is brought by the whole cast and crew. It is one of the projects that he knows will stay with him for a long time after he’s been on stage. He also performed the role of a soloist in 54 Below Sings Starkid at 54 Below. This is one of the greatest spots to catch the newest, most energetic shows and this time Clark Mantilla was a star of the show.

Clark Mantilla has also been in three amazing short films produced by Adober studios on YouTube which were Unspoken Rules: “I Love You, Ma,” Bakit Ka Nag-Stay? – “Laging Nandiyan” and The Love Theory. He has also been working on a workshop called Stealing Mona Lisa with Theater555 as the role of a Prosecutor.

Clark Mantilla finds this experience very crucial to every actor’s work as he sees workshops as a way to find their personal range and the depths of that range in an emotional spectrum. He is currently connecting with even more artists, creators, collaborators, and viewers on his YouTube channels. He has two YouTube channels one called Clark on Stage and the other Clark in Studio. Other than posting videos on different days for the different channels his content is slightly different. While it is a little bit obvious from the name the videos that he posts on Clark on stage are more related to the theatrical songs, melodies, and loved tunes from musicals. In Clark in Studio, he usually posts videos where he is singing along to modern songs and songs that can usually be found on the screen rather than on a theatrical stage. Clark Mantilla invites his viewers to sing along with them and he also posts the lyrics on the screen as he is singing. He has helped many people realize their love for singing and musicals and has connected with so many people through millions of views on every single video.

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