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Ahead of the finale, a throwback to the scintillating moments from MTV Splitsvilla X4.

MTV Splitsvilla, a show known for taking the idea of relationships and proving your devotion toward them is coming close to the end of another season. The fourteenth season – MTV Splitsvilla X4, took the same spirit of finding true love to a whole new level!

This time, staying true to its tagline ‘Pyaar Samundar Paar’, handsome men and gorgeous ladies participated in the show staying on two different islands called ‘The Isle of Mars’ and ‘The Isle of Venus’. This season also saw popular actor Arjun Bijlani debuting as the host of the show, alongside the diva Sunny Leone. Moreover, elements like Uorfi Javed’s role as the Mischief Maker, Joshua Chhabra being the in-house Casanova, and Sunny and Arjun’s methods of being mentors, mediators, and hosts gave the viewers loads of moments to remember. Now, as the season heads towards its finale, let’s take a look at the top five moments from MTV Splitsvilla X4!

The Wrath of a Patient Host
The handsome hunk, Arjun Bijlani was seen supporting Kashish Thakur in one of the episodes. In an incident where Shivam Sharma and Kashish Thakur got into a heated argument, Shivam resorted to badmouthing Kashish’s late father. Before the situation got out of hand,  Arjun rushed in to intervene and gave Shivam a befitting reply for his choice of language.

An Extraordinary Love Triangle

The controversial love triangle between Sakshi Shrivas, Tara Prasad, and Justin D’Cruz not only had them weighing their connections but also had them take practical calls over emotional matters. When Tara entered the show, he announced on national television that he was there only to win Sakshi’s heart. However, in a huge twist, Sakshi revealed that she has feelings for both of them. Her back and forth between these two guys was the talk of the town at that point and something for us to ponder upon even now!

The Secret Mischief Maker!
The islands of MTV Splitsvilla X4 were set on fire when a secret ‘Mischief Maker’ entered the show to create drama and conflict between the contestants. It was none other than the diva Uorfi Javed. She entered the show with all her charm and style under the guise of a wild card entrant. It wasn’t until much later when she revealed that she was the Mischief Maker for this season and had the participants as well as the viewers dumbfounded. Her confession broke the hearts of many of her fruitful connections such as Kashish Thakur and Amir Hossein.

Sunny all Praises for Hiba’s Fortitude
While the show is mostly about all the excitement and controversies, it does see a fair share of poignant moments. During this season, one moment in particular that touched the viewers and the cast of MTV Splitsvilla X4 all alike was when Hiba Trablessi shared her story. She got emotional talking about how she saved herself from a human trafficking ring when she came to India for the first time. She also shared the times when she faced situations like getting locked inside a room with no food & water. This is when Sunny Leone intervened to make her feel okay and called her an inspiration to everyone out there.

Moose – The Unfiltered One!
Moose Jattana is one contestant on MTV Splitsvilla X4 who is known to have no filter when she speaks. Right when she entered the show, she shared her feelings for Honey Kamboj without ever thinking of the consequences.  She called Kashish and Honey’s relationship out to be fake and even went on a date with Honey after his connection was evicted. Focusing on winning the show at any cost, in a conversation with other participants, she made it clear that she won’t accept anyone treating her as their second option.

 To be a part of this rollercoaster of a season, tune in to MTV every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm to watch MTV Splitsvilla X4! 

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