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Zurich’s Dance Festival Presents its Extended Programme for 2021 Including Interactive Digital Events

The brand new and updated edition of the city’s established dance festival will take place from May 7th to 30th, 2021 in cultural centres, districts and virtually. The festival team has put a lot of energy into redesigning the festival in order to make it as participative as possible despite the current situation. Instead of a three-day program, the festival will use virtual and physical spaces for three weeks this year.ZÜRICH TANZT MIT DIR encourages people to dance and make movement art and culture a part of their everyday life. At a time when social activities have been reduced, everyone is looking for a way to participate in community activities while staying healthy. This year’s festival concept takes on this challenge and invites you to take part or watch in different and new ways: with a TikTok challenge by two aspiring Swiss choreographers Muhammed Kaltuk and Kevin Bannier, at a Sunday raven to a live DJ set via,
through dance instructions in the tram and bus, with an interactive walk by the dance collective The Field, whose participants are connected via an app or via an intimate virtual live solo by Valerie Reding for 5 people each. From May 3rd, the complete program, donation ticketing and all other information can be found at and Facilitators include:Mirjam Gurtner & TANZflug, Valerie Reding, House of B. Poderosa, Lucas Valente, Jenna Hendry & Matilda Bilberg, Alice tanzt, Neda Razavipour, 2Face Battle, Godfather TV, Rhodia, The Field, Collectif du feu de dieu, Martin Schick, compagnie O.,
Passion Fruit Dance Company, Oliver Roth, Teresa Vittucci, bollwerkfilm & Cinedans FEST, SAPA (Swiss Archive of the Performing Arts), Cie. Gilles Jobin, TanzLOBBY, Damien Manivel, Kids in Dance, and crash course teachers.In this year’s campaign, the festival giving a voice to those who would otherwise prefer to let their bodies speak. Lucas Valente, who used to be a professional footballer and now dances ballet, talks about why it can sometimes be useful to be a “late bloomer”. Lucia Gugerli explains why gender roles have long since ceased to play a role in contemporary dance. And Martin Schick invites artists to finally say goodbye to their comfortable outsider role and take a stand on current issues. The dancers may have their own view of the world and express it. They all show that dance is more than mere aesthetics: it is political, it is touching, it shows the world as it is – and how it could be.The highlights of this year’s program include a number of live and online events focusing on current topics and discourses:Talk Forward (de / fr) | May 7, 2021

This year’s dance festival and ZÜRICH TANZT MIT DIR starts throughout Switzerland with a “discursive meeting” in the digital presence of the national dance award winners. In the exchange, visions and strategies are to be drawn in order to find out how the dance industry will continue.Mirjam Gurtner & TANZflug: Almost Home | May 8 & 9, 2021
Documentary insight into an inclusive performative installation with professionals and amateurs in the 25hours Hotel Zurich West, which cannot take place live under the current circumstances.Teresa Vittucci: Solos for future feminism. (de / en) | May 9, 2021
A workshop based on Teresa’s performance “Hate me, tender”, in which strategies for developing one’s own feminist solo are learned.Ghosts in Happyland | May 17 & 18, 2021
Performative expulsion of toxic phrases by telephone and mail for all who identify as men.
House of B. Poderosa: The Spring of Deadly Horrors Mini Kiki Ball (en) | May 22, 2021 Voguing & Ballroom Culture zum Mitmachen: A delicious online event full of glitter and fear, a sequel of horrors prancing down the virtual runway and enough fun for you to just drop dead.Passion Fruit Seed (en) | May 23, 2021

Workshop & Talk by Passion Fruit Dance Company (NY), directed by Tatiana Desardouin. Her mission is to promote the authenticity of Street & clubbing Dance and culture, the black culture, its heritage and its contribution to society, highlighting and exploring different social issues throughout dance pieces and different artistic practices.Contemporary Zurich dance productions at a glance:Lucas Valente: Trees Die Standing (as part of SHORT PIECES) | May 9, 2021
Contemporary stage play on the subject of internal decay without external traces.Rhodia: Sarò L’Amore | May 14th & 15th
A nocturnal walk through Wipkingen, like the fleeting intoxication of limoncello and with a lot of Dolce Vita in all its simplicity and melodrama.SAPA, Wikipedia & Who writes his_tory ?: Edit-a-thon | May 30, 2021

A digital gathering to help Swiss dance professionals gain a greater presence on Wikipedia.Series of events leading through May:Walk every Friday: Martin Schick: Walk Forward
Films on Monday: Bollwerkfilm & Cinedans: Dance on Screen
SAPA: Zurich dance film role 1980-2020
Damien Manivel: Les Enfants d’Isadora
Urban Dance Culture every Thursday: Züri got Moves presented by Godfather TV
Your Favorite B-Girl Show presented by Godfather TV
Break it Down presented by 2Face Battle
Online raves on Sundays: Sunday raves via audio stream in cooperation with Zürcher Clubs & gds.fmDance with Social Media:
In order to make the festival playful on socials, there are various options for the community to connect via apps, challenges, hashtags and filters:Tik Tok Challenge #zurichtanztchallenge
Choreography by Mohammed Kaltuk & Tik Tok Star Kevin Bannier with a newly released song by Pina Jung + Riky Wayne “For Sure”.Cie. du feu de dieu: Let’s dance at home
Dance tutorials for home choreographies with the hashtag #letsdanceathome for posts of your own interpretation.Cie. Gilles Jobin: Dance Trail
An app with which you can let virtual dancers dance in urban space. # zürichtanztmitdir # dancetrailzürichVBZ moves
Posters with mini-choreographies to imitate in trams and buses. # zürichtanztmitdirIG Face Filter

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