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ZEE Biskope presents a tale of Love, Comedy, and Drama with the World TV Premiere of Superstar Kallu’s ‘Kalyugi Brahmachari’

ZEE Biskope invites you to a grand evening of festive entertainment with the World TV Premiere of ‘Kalyugi Brahmachari’ – featuring superstar ‘Arvind Akela Kallu’ &’Richa Dixit’ on 24th Sep at 6 pm on Jila Top Band ~

With Teej just passed by, Ganesh Utsav going on and Navratri on its way, the festival fervour is on an all time high. While Lord Ganesha symbolises prosperity and wisdom, Teej seeks blessings of Devi Parvati for the wellbeing of husband & family, Navratra is the celebration of womanhood through the nine forms of Devi Durga. These celebrations are a heartfelt expression of devotion for millions of devotees who seek blessings from the Almighty. These cultural celebrations are deeply woven into the fabric of Indian art and entertainment, and this influence extends to the Bhojpuri film industry as well. The entire region is seeped into festive mood. This is also a time of togetherness where families unite to celebrate the merriment. Taking inspiration from the spirit of festivity, your beloved Bhojpuri movie channel, ZEE Biskope, orchestrates with movie titles that can be enjoyed with the entire family together. This weekend is no exception as the brand brings a special World TV Premiere of a family entertainer ‘Kalyugi Brahmachari’ featuring superstar ‘Arvind Akela Kallu’ and the gorgeous ‘Richa Dixit’ on 24th September at 6 pm on Jila Top Band. 

The film centres around the journey of Rishi (Kallu) & Madhu (Richa) who love each other and eventually gets married. However, their life takes an unexpected turn Kallu claims Brahmacharya – a lifestyle of celibacy and self-control after marriage. A perplexed Richa is curious to find out the reason behind her husband’s unusual claim. While she struggles with this hard fact of life, fate adds on to her struggle with the entry of Bairagi Baba. She faces mysterious happenings in the house to an extent that she is believed to be possessed. Why did Kallu claim Brahmacharya? Who is Bairagi Baba? What connection does Kallu have with him? What are the mysterious happenings that Richa faces? Why is she believed to be possessed? Will Richa be able to gradually unveil the mystery with her intelligence? Will Kallu forsake his Brahmacharya for the sake of love? Will Richa be able to solve the mystery and win back her love? To get answers to all your questions, watch Kalyugi Brahmachari only on Zee Biskope on 24th September 2023, at 6 pm on Jila Top Band!

Talking about the television premiere of the film, Arvind Akela Kallu said, “Our film is coming on 24th September on Zee Biskope and the only thing I would like to say about this film is that everyone believes in religion and faith, be it happiness or sorrow. People go to God, in this film also a boy is a devotee of Lord Shiva who gets trapped in the clutches of a Baba, who encourages him to follow celibacy. Under the pressure of his family, the boy gets married, now after marriage whether he follows celibacy or not and what will happen next in the film, you will know by watching this film. So watch our film Kalyugi Brahmachari on Zee Biskope on 24th September at 6 pm, it will be a lot of fun, it has full fun and comedy, action and romance, watch it and give your love.

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