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Zakir Khan Calls for Positive Dialogue on Masculinity in New Episode of Yuvaa’s Be A Man, Yaar!

“Men do cry, men are vulnerable, we need more spaces for them to express”

Episode Link- #ZakirKhan on #BeAManYaar with Nikhil Taneja 

The first episode of Yuvaa’s “Be A Man Yaar with Nikhil Taneja” had everyone talking about how Vicky Kaushal opened up about ‘feeling broken’, and of course, about how he asked out Katrina Kaif! But there is more in store for viewers as the second episode that’s hit the internet like a storm, and guess who’s taking the hot seat this time? None other than India’s most loved comedian, Zakir Khan!

Zakir spilled the beans on how the movie ‘Chhoti Si Baat’ by Basu Chatterjee served as the turning point in his life. He spoke about his childhood experiences, about loneliness, about bullying and about the relationship with his parents. He further revealed about giving up on his family’s legacy of music and on finding the courage to pursue his passion of comedy, and how his father gave him the confidence to do so. 

When show host, Nikhil Taneja, probed him about perceptions on manhood, vulnerability, and the ‘Sakht Launda’ label, Zakir didn’t hold back his thoughts. He said, “I think it’s a lie that men are not vulnerable. Men cry, men emote, but there is not enough spaces in society for them to express. Have we created sensitive environments for men? And I think, it’s upon men to create those spaces for themselves – we need to teach boys to ask other boys ‘How are you?’ And some of us have to take up that responsibility of creating these spaces for each other.”

Zakir also spoke from his heart about his experiences with people’s judgement on his looks. He said, ‘People say looks don’t matter, but I tell them they do. They say, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. But a book is judged by its cover. You have to work so hard and become so popular that the book overtakes the cover. Even today, people comment on the colour of my skin. I have fought these battles all my life. I get so tired about this. But now, I am okay with people judging me, because then they can’t believe the growth I have.’ 

So, mark your calendars everyone! The second episode of Be A Man, Yaar! is the talk of the town. Watch Zakir’s punches, his emotions, his ‘shers’ and a part of him that we have never seen on the second episode of ‘Be A Man Yaar! With Nikhil Taneja’, out now on Yuvaa’s YouTube ( An unfiltered version of the episode is also on Amazon Music. #ZakirBhaiSpillsTheBeans only on ‘Be A Man Yaar’ by Yuvaa

Yuvaa’s YouTube Link-

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