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Yuvraj Singh lavishes love on his wife Hazel Keech Singh!!

Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh and actress Hazel Keech Singh have been happily married for almost eight years and are proud parents to their two adorable children, Orion and Aura.

Despite their hectic schedules, the couple never ceases to show love and appreciation for each other, consistently emphasizing the importance of their bond.

Recently, on Valentine’s Day, Yuvraj took to social media to express his deep affection for Hazel, sharing a heartfelt message with his followers, acknowledging her unwavering support as a wife and her dedication as a mother.

In an Instagram post, Yuvraj poured his heart out, celebrating Hazel’s multifaceted roles in their lives, from being a devoted partner to a nurturing mother who tirelessly works towards securing their children’s future.

Hazel, touched by Yuvraj’s heartfelt words, responded with a sweet comment, expressing her speechlessness at his gesture.

During an entertaining segment on the Kapil Sharma Show, Yuvraj shared a charming anecdote about his persistent pursuit of Hazel, revealing his three-year journey to win her over. Despite initial indifference, Yuvraj’s perseverance and charm eventually won her heart, leading to their romantic journey together.

Their love story reached a milestone in 2015 when Yuvraj proposed to Hazel, a moment they joyfully shared with the world through social media. The following year, amidst celebrations, the couple exchanged vows, officially uniting in marriage. Today, their home is filled with double the love as they embrace parenthood with their two precious children, Aura and Orion.

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