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Twinkle shared experience of moving to London !

Last year, Twinkle Khanna, known for her roles in the entertainment industry, embarked on a new journey in her 50s by pursuing higher education, accompanied by her daughter Nitara.

In a recent interview with Hello magazine, Twinkle shared her experiences of moving to London, tackling academic challenges, and building friendships in a new environment.

Twinkle discussed the obstacles she encountered during the university application process, revealing that despite her impressive background, she faced rejection from one out of the five universities she applied to. Initially disheartened, she humorously recounted the scenario of both her and her son Aarav applying to the same college, expressing mutual dread at the idea of attending together. Fortunately, Aarav was accepted into his preferred choice, averting any potential awkwardness.

Transitioning into student life in her 50s posed its own challenges, especially in terms of socializing. Twinkle acknowledged the difficulty of making friends at her age but found solace in her busy schedule, which provided purpose and direction. She embraced the opportunity to leave behind old habits and boldly pursue new friendships.

Despite her packed schedule, Twinkle initially worried about having to eat lunch alone. However, this concern was quickly dispelled when she was assigned a presentation with two other students, leading to the formation of a close-knit friendship group. From then on, she never had to eat lunch alone again, forming numerous new and meaningful friendships along the way.

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