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The event manager said that singers have stopped doing shows in colleges because of these untoward incidents #Aditya Narayan.!

Aditya Narayan, son of renowned Indian singer Udit Narayan, ventured into the music industry in 1992, following his father’s illustrious path. However, he struggled to attain the same level of adoration and recognition as his father.

Unfortunately, Aditya has often found himself at the receiving end of online criticism, becoming a frequent target for trolls. Recently, he faced significant backlash for losing his temper during a live stage performance.

On February 12, 2024, a video circulated online depicting Aditya, now a singer-turned-TV host, discarding a fan’s phone. The incident occurred during his performance at Rungta R2 College in Bhilai, Chattisgarh, where Aditya grew agitated with a fan attempting to capture moments from the show. In the video, Aditya can be seen striking the individual’s hand before forcefully taking and tossing away their phone amidst the crowd.

Subsequently, the event manager has stepped forward to provide context regarding the altercation. In an interview with Zoom, the manager disclosed that the individual involved was not a student of the college but likely an outsider. He asserted that Aditya reacted angrily when the person persistently grabbed at his feet, causing irritation. The manager explained, “That boy was not even a college student; he must be someone from outside the college. He was constantly dragging Aditya’s feet nonstop. He was very irritating. He banged his phone on Aditya’s feet multiple times. After that only did he lose his cool.”

Despite this incident, the concert proceeded smoothly for another two hours, with Aditya obliging the fan with numerous selfies before the altercation. The event manager commended Aditya’s performance, noting it as one of the best the college had experienced. However, he lamented the prevalence of such disturbances, citing instances that have dissuaded other artists like Darshan Rawal from participating in college events.

The manager emphasized the need to understand the full context before passing judgment, urging consideration of both sides of the story. He expressed concern for Aditya’s well-being and highlighted the potential danger posed by the persistent behavior of the individual involved.

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