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We live in a world where we are overwhelmed with pain and suffering. And at times, it makes us question why these challenging experiences continue to linger. It takes a lot of faith to find out what’s the true meaning of our hardships and struggles. You Are A New Creation by Maureen Schuler, Psy.D., takes us through a journey full of wisdom and realizations. The book teaches us values of learning how to embrace chaos through faith.

The book is Inspired by Maureen Schuler’s real-life account, reviews from various book evaluation entities and readers who gave their remarks expressing how You Are A New Creation imparts moving and inspiring insights.

The US Review of Books dubbed it as an “extremely touching book about betrayal and scandal.”

Another book reviewer, Carly B., from Amazon Review also shares how the book has been a great and insightful read.

“This has been a great read. The author has made me realize a lot of things. I pray that those who are in need of healing, strength, and guidance will come across this gem.”

Layla Young also shares the same sentiments, saying that “The book is great! It presents spiritual concepts in an understandable way.”

You Are A New Creation is a book that reflects reality and enlightens us how the Almighty God paves the way for us to be saved.

“Maureen reveals herself in all truth and shares as best she can the marvels that we all have, the reality of being made a new creation by the God who loves us,” says Zoey Johnson.

The various positive reviews from readers are a true manifestation of how remarkable “You Are A New Creation” is. These praises give the book a genuine representation about life and how relatable the stories told by Schuler are.

In an age where we constantly ask for answers about the struggle and pain, we deal with and have to deal with, giving up is probably the go-to way out for us. Why is it that we tend to cease making an effort whenever difficulty comes into our way?

Maureen Schuler led an interesting life as a nun, middle school teacher, and cloistered nun, she contemplated on the words of God the Father to St. Catherine of Siena and pondered how it worked within the scope of her life experiences.

For over the years, Schuler took the time to come up with a book that would remind people about the value of suffering. Written along with her life experiences, Schuler boldly and honestly shares all of it from a contemplative point of view as she genuinely shows how she deals with her inward battles to reach her resolutions. The experiences Schuler encountered from the struggle of living through both World War and the Great Depression down to her career are dauntlessly depicted throughout the book.

Deftly guiding readers of understanding God’s manifestation of love, Schuler sheds new light on how people should recognize how we came into this life. She also shows how accepting God’s Divine plan, both the beautiful and the difficult, allows Him to restore our soul to the glory intended for us.

Schuler’s depiction of her life and understanding of it gives readers a new perspective that would evoke perception about life in general. She deliberately traces back her life down from her ancestors and gives a thought about how they influence her character development. Schuler beautifully leaves her readers a sense of consciousness in dealing with hardships. True to its title, Maureen Schuler gives a powerful piece that inspires individuals.

You Are A New Creation is published under Christian Faith Publishing on May 4, 2020. Be part of Maureen Schuler’s journey of overcoming and embracing adversities. See for yourself how it can be applied to yours and discover how you can come to understand God’s love.

The book now comes with a new and improved book cover, highlighting a vibrant image of hope and faith. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Readers can also check out You Are A New Creation’s book trailer on YouTube and get a glimpse of how the book provides a life-changing impact.

Keep an eye on Maureen Schuler’s latest news, events, and book releases. Visit her website at and get a free preview of the book upon visiting Maureen Schuler’s site.

Maureen Schuler, Psy.D., is a retired licensed clinical psychologist, a former middle school teacher, and a woman of faith. Started her career as a nun in a cloistered community, Shuler devoted her life following her faith, bringing to light several experiences that gave her growth in faith. Upon leaving the cloistered community, she then decided to become a middle school teacher and throughout her career as an educator, Schuler steps into her true calling in the field of psychology. Working as a clinical psychologist for 25 years and spending her final years as a psychologist in state prison, Schuler convenes all her journey and experiences into one book. Now retired, she shares her wisdom and growth in faith through her published book, titled You Are A New Creation.

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