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Swara Bhasker spoke about Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal being trolled.

Swara Bhasker discussed the trolling faced by Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal in light of their upcoming wedding. She drew parallels to her own experience of social media backlash for marrying a Muslim man.

According to Swara, interfaith couples like Sonakshi and Zaheer will continue to encounter such criticism in the foreseeable future. She highlighted the scrutiny surrounding their reported wedding plans, including a party for close friends and family following legal formalities. The media attention further intensified due to ambiguous statements from Sonakshi’s family.

In an interview with Connect Cine, Swara reflected on the pervasive nature of backlash against interfaith marriages, citing the contentious concept of ‘love jihad’ in modern India. She shared her personal ordeal of facing public scrutiny when she married activist Fahad Ahmad. Swara emphasized that such couples often face societal judgment and can even encounter physical threats in some cities.

Addressing questions about Sonakshi and Zaheer, Swara defended their right to privacy and personal choices. She stressed that the decision to marry, regardless of the type of ceremony, should be respected as a private matter between consenting adults and their families. Swara dismissed public opinions on their relationship dynamics as irrelevant and time-consuming.

Swara criticized the cultural tendency in India and South Asia to interfere in others’ personal lives, predicting that similar debates would ensue if Sonakshi and Zaheer have children. She cited past controversies involving other celebrity couples and their children’s names, labeling such debates as nonsensical but unfortunately persistent in society.



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