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Salim Sulaiman’s Bhoomiverse on its Web 3 platform Heftyverse

 The one-of-a-kind metaverse which would let the users have an immersive experience with the music project “Bhoomi” ~

Heftyverse, a Web 3.0 initiative by Hungama digital entertainment company, is thrilled to introduce Salim-Sulaiman’s Bhoomiverse. This captivating virtual realm offers users exclusive access to an immersive musical experience of the project Bhoomi. After extensive success and immense popularity, the dynamic duo is now all set to release Bhoomi 2023. The season this year features musicians like Amit Trivedi, Armaan Malik, Sonu Nigam, Vishal Dadlani, Mithoon, Gurdaas Maan, and Papon, among others. Moreover, zones such as the Dance Floor, Karaoke Room, and Wall of Fame will add to the alluring experience.

Bhoomiverse is your doorway to experiencing Bhoomi in its entirety. This virtual world is crafted to provide users with a uniquely fulfilling and enriching journey. As you enter the dynamic Bhoomiverse, prepare to embark on an adventure through its captivating zones. The Dance Floor is where you can groove to your favourite Bhoomi tunes. In the Karaoke Room, you can enjoy a personalized music experience like never before. Additionally, you get an opportunity to interact with Salim Sulaiman’s respective avatars.

Talking about the launch, Neeraj Roy, Founder and MD, Hungama Digital Media said, “We are absolutely thrilled about our partnership with the exceptionally talented duo, Salim-Sulaiman. This collaboration opens the door to an immersive metaverse experience, taking users on an extraordinary journey while deepening their connection with Salim-Sulaiman’s Music Project ‘Bhoomi’ which represents the rich folk music of India. We look forward to providing users with an exceptional and captivating experience as they venture into the diverse realms of Bhoomiverse.”

Sharing his views about Bhoomiverse, Music Composer and Singer, Salim Merchant said, “This endeavor holds a special place in our hearts and reflects our three-decade-long musical journey. Our aim is not only to provide users with our compositions but also to immerse them in an enthusiastic musical experience through Bhoomi that traverses every corner of India. We eagerly anticipate delivering an extraordinary experience to all users and extend our sincere gratitude to Hungama for this collaboration.”

Adding to the same, Music Director, Sulaiman Merchant said, “This collaboration represents a truly unique opportunity for us to showcase our musical journey while simultaneously enhancing the overall user experience. We would like to thank Hungama for providing us with an extraordinary platform like Heftyverse and building Bhoomiverse. Apart from creating an immersive musical experience for our project Bhoomi, Bhoomiverse has a lot more to offer the users in the form of various entertainment Zones like the dance floor, Karaoke space, etc.”

Bhoomi is an annual Salim-Sulaiman Music Project that represents India in a unique soundscape, with a vision to highlight different folk sounds to the whole country in a way that’s inclusive. It unites some of India’s most accomplished artists from diverse genres, encapsulating the rich tapestry of India’s traditions and cultural heritage. First released in 1999, Bhoomi was first brought to life with a futuristic sound which then continued in Bhoomi 2020, 2021, and 2022. Bhoomi as a continuation of this remarkable journey further amplifies the musical tapestry of India, offering a comprehensive representation of its diverse cultural heritage. This year, the first song Dangal, a Marathi Composition was released on the 12th of September sung by Cyli Khare, and Srushti Tawade. In the coming weeks, we’ll witness more such mesmerizing compositions.

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