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Ravindra Jadeja’s father, Anirudhsinh made some shocking claims about his daughter-in-law, Rivaba Jadeja!!

Ravindra Jadeja, affectionately known as ‘Jaddu’ among fans worldwide, is a highly esteemed cricketer renowned for his exceptional skills on the field.

With his adeptness in hitting boundaries and taking wickets with his exceptional bowling, Jadeja has captured the hearts of cricket enthusiasts, eliciting chants of ‘Jaddu’ upon his arrival at stadiums. Off the field, he leads a contented life, happily married to his wife, Rivaba Jadeja, an MLA, and together they share a lovely daughter named Nidhyana Jadeja.

However, recent revelations from Ravindra Jadeja’s father have shed light on a strained relationship between the cricketer and his wife, Rivaba. In an interview with Divya Bhaskar, Anirudhsinh, Jadeja’s father, disclosed that there is a complete lack of communication and connection between their families.

Anirudhsinh expressed his disappointment, revealing that the discord began mere months after his son’s marriage, despite residing in the same city. He lamented the absence of contact between them, suggesting an influence exerted by Rivaba over Jadeja.

Furthermore, Anirudhsinh voiced regret over his son’s marriage, expressing that life would have been simpler had Jadeja not pursued cricket. He accused Rivaba of seeking control and independence from Jadeja’s family, causing division and animosity within their household.

The interview concluded with Anirudhsinh expressing his anguish over not seeing his granddaughter for nearly five years, attributing control of Jadeja and Rivaba’s lives to Rivaba’s family, whom he alleges interfere extensively.

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