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“Ram Kapoor is a feminist hero in Bade Acche Lagte Hai” – Nakuul Mehta on being the soft masculine

In the most recent episode of Yuvaa’s “Be A Man Yaar with Nikhil Taneja” audiences were treated to a captivating discussion featuring the renowned figure of the Indian television world, Nakuul Mehta. As one of the industry’s most beloved actors, Nakuul offered a behind-the-scenes look into his life, discussing the individuals who served as his sources of inspiration for pursuing acting, and sharing some touching and personal revelations

During the episode, Nakuul expressed how he has always drawn inspiration from prominent female figures. He also spoke of his aspiration mostly to be a woman be it Madhuri Dixit or Stephie Graf. He also highlighted how popular culture and movies have distorted the traditional notions of masculinity and the famous line, “Mard ko Dard nahi hota” from a yesteryear movie that has created unrealistic ideals of manhood.

Furthermore, Nakuul shared being a huge fan of actor Shashi Kapoor, even though the actor was primarily adored by women. He explained, “I’ve observed the qualities Shashi Kapoor embodied in the women in my life, such as my mother, sister, mother-in-law, and wife.” He also praised Ram Kapoor’s character in the show ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hai,’ being a feminist character that inspired him. He said “In the show, Ram Kapoor portrays a character with feminist values, and I believe that much of it reflects the lessons I’ve learned, which I integrate into my own characters.”Nakuul mentioned that he incorporates the lessons he has learned into his own acting roles, acknowledging that he has earned favour among women in India for his dignified treatment of women, making him the favourite son for many Indian mothers.

During his discussion with show host Nikhil Taneja, Nakuul shared some insights with an open heart. He recounted witnessing his father’s struggle to communicate about his failures with the family, which left a lasting impact on him. Nakuul revealed, “I internalized my failures. My wife, Jankee, is the person closest to me, yet I couldn’t share my bad day with her”

This episode of ‘Be A Man Yaar’ with Nakuul Mehta was a rollercoaster ride through his life, influences, and beliefs. Don’t miss this eye-opening episode featuring Nakuul Mehta only on Yuvaa’s YouTube. The unfiltered episode will also be available on Amazon Music.

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