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Do you know these facts about #Rajkumar

One of the versatile actor Raj kumar, who is well known for his Husky voice portrayed many of its astonishing characters in his filmy career. So here, we are going to discuss some of its less known facts. 

Producer Ravi Anand wanted Ravi Tandon to direct “Sultaan” (1978/1979) with Raaj Kumar(Replaced Shashi Kapoor) in the title role, Co starring Sanjeev Kumar,Parveen Babi,Parikshat Sahni,Vijayendra Ghatge(Replaced Romesh Sharma), Vidya Sinha,Amjad Khan. A day before the film could be launched, Ravi was in for the shock of my life when Raaj Kumar walked in and showed him the dialogues and the camera movements for the various artistes in Sultaan written by Raaj Kumar. Ravi told Raaj on his face that no star had ever directed me or dictated to me and I had worked with the biggest stars-Manoj Kumar, Chintu, Amitabh, Jeetendra, Shatrughan Sinha and Sanjeev Kumar. Ravi told Raaj Kumar to direct the film himself and walked out of the project in disgust.

After the release of Mother India, Raaj Kumar was a overnight superstar sensation. One evening he and his friend director Prakash Aurora and his wife were out for a evening drive. Raaj Kumar pulled up to a local paan store to eat a paan. While standing there with his friend, a few men gathered around and started to heckle Raaj Kumar and bother him. Finally Raaj Kumar could not take it anymore and major fight broke out . At the end of it, one man lay dead and Raaj Kumar was arrested. The trial lasted a year and Raaj Kumar was acquitted of all charges. Raaj Kumar’s police background was said to be one of the deciding factors that helped Raaj Kumar.

Chetan Anand had signed Raaj Kumar, Aamir Khan,Madhuri Dixit, Ved Thappar for the film Takht O Taj (1991).Chetan first wanted to make the film with Amitabh Bachchan and Hema (Replaced Priya Rajvansh) in 1975. He had also recorded the songs with Madan Mohan. But he shelved the film when he realized the budget would be too much. He later tried to revive the film and signed Deepak Parashar and Hema Malini. This was in 1978. Again the film got shelved. In 1990, Chetan Anand spoke to Raaj Kumar about the film and asked him if his son Puru Rajkumar was interested in doing the film and playing the role of Salim. Raaj Kumar stated that Puru was not ready to be an actor. Chetan finally revived the film as Takht O Taj in 1991. Ved Thappar was originally going to play Raaj Kumar’s son due to his resemblance to the actor. But due to commercial reasons, Aamir Khan was signed for the role and Thappar was signed for the role of Durjan Singh, originally played by Ajit in Mughal E Azam. The film was later titled Mallika-e-Hind . The film was eventually shelved due to Chetan’s bad health. There were stories going around in 1993 that Chetan wanted to make the film with Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri. But the plans never materialized.

After Shatrughan Sinha exited his role in Desh Premee, he was signed for the police inspector’s role ( earlier being done by Vinod Khanna).Manmohan Desai offered Shatrughan’s old role (Hyderabadi character) to Raaj Kumar. He declined it as he wanted to be paid equal to Amitabh. Parikshat Sahni eventually signed the role.

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