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R Swami is one of the gem in Punjabi and Hindi music industry for its direction. HBNN Exclusive

The most talented music director and Dop R Swami of a Bollywood is an amazing personality with endless talents. He is highly known for his great expertise in music videos. He having a huge showreel to showcase his work. From Honey Singh to Badshah and many more eminent singers and actors worked with him. 

Recently he did song with Gurdas Mann. Not only this, he also owns a production house by the name of Terracotta. 

If we talk about Mr. Swami as a person. He is a very humble and a great heart person. Which is rare to find in today’s world. He doens’t believe in wasting resources or time. He always make best of everything provided to him. And will provide the utmost work without any kind of headache.

We are attaching few of our favourites from his collection for our reader’s to check and cherish.

1. I will always blindly love you by Amit Mishra Directed by Akansha

Giti Gour, Mridul Shrivastav in I will Always Blindly Love You directed by Akansha, DoP R Swami

2. Galti by Sardar Sodhi

3. ki samjhaiye by Amrinder Gill

4. Get up Jawani Yo Yo Honey Singh 

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