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Imran Khan is gradually making his way back to the camera: Reports.

Former Bollywood heartthrob Imran Khan, who has been absent from the silver screen for a considerable period, has made a comeback, drawing attention by sharing glimpses from his past film sets and unveiling the reasons for his extended break.

In a recent candid conversation with Vogue India, the actor opened up about the transformative phase that led him to take a step back from acting. Imran Khan revealed, “In 2016, I hit a low point where I felt emotionally shattered. Fortunately, I was working in an industry that had financially rewarded me, so by the age of 30, financial concerns were not on my mind. At that juncture, it wasn’t about my career because I lacked the enthusiasm to put in the required effort.” Emphasizing the significance of becoming a father, Khan shared that the birth of his daughter, Imara, became a pivotal moment. He explained, “Becoming a father made me realize the value of life and responsibility. I wanted to be the best version of myself for my daughter. I decided that being an actor was no longer my primary role. Instead, I needed to focus on self-improvement, ensuring I was in the best physical and mental shape for my daughter.”

Reflecting on his break, Khan delved into a period of introspection following the disappointment of the film “Katti Batti.” He expressed, “After ‘Katti Batti’ failed, I began to reassess my choices. I questioned what constituted success in recent years and examined the films that had propelled my peers to fame. Did I genuinely like those films? Would I have accepted roles in them? The answer was consistently no. This realization clarified my aspirations—I desired success for the films I was a part of.”

In an unexpected turn of events, Imran Khan’s return to the spotlight had a whimsical start. Last August, veteran actress Zeenat Aman posted a video featuring herself, sparking enthusiasm among fans. A fan named Aditi expressed a desire for Imran Khan’s comeback in a comment on the post. In a playful response, Imran remarked, “Alright, Aditi, let’s leave this to the internet. If we reach 1 million likes, I’ll make it happen.”

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