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Get ready to groove with Faraz’s ‘Daydream’, a Fusion of Sounds promising a Genre-Bending Experience.

Embark on a musical journey, where emerging Punjabi pop singer-producer, Faraz, invites listeners to immerse themselves in a refreshing experience with the launch of his album ‘Daydream’. With a blend of catchy beats, relatable lyrics and a unique sound, the album brings a fresh perspective to the Punjabi Pop genre.

Featuring an eclectic lineup of six tracks – ‘Gallan’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘Let It Go’, ‘Bawale Se’, ‘Nasha Hone Do’, and ‘Kharab Kar Gayi’ featuring Abir, Faraz infuses each track with a distinctive blend of beats, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional genres. Picture yourself on a night drive or a casual day at home, the beats of these tracks seamlessly weaving into the fabric of unforgettable moments.

Inspired by a diverse range of global artists, Faraz has successfully incorporated these influences into his own sounds, resulting in the creation of “Daydream.”

Speaking passionately on the release of his album, Faraz shares, “This is a very special album to me. I wanted to create tracks that would resonate with people’s daily lives and with ‘Daydream’ I have done just that. The album is my attempt to blend cultures, genres, and emotions to create something that speaks to the universal language of the heart and gets them grooving. I hope ‘Daydream’ becomes a shared journey through the highs and lows of life.

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