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Bob Hearts Abishola ; an engrossing love story is here to warm up your Valentine’s exclusively on Comedy Central

Comedy Central comes back to warm up your winters with a heartwarming romantic comedy, Bob Hearts Abishola. Coming from the producers of the blockbuster sitcoms, Big Bang Theory, and Two And A Half Men, this romantic comedy is definitely the top choice for your binge-list. The show centers on the life of Bob, a divorced socks salesman who has a heart attack and falls for his Nigerian nurse, Abishola. Catch this wonderfully-written sitcom exclusively on the 14th of February, for you to binge-watch from 9 am to 7 pm on Comedy Central!

Now, lets dig into some of the most heartfelt moments from Bob Hearts Abishola!

The Sweetest First Date
It was indeed a herculean task for Bob to initiate his first romantic conversation with Abishola. Somehow, he manages to ask her out for tea when he was driving back to the town. To his great wonder, she says yes and they both had their cutest first date together. In fact, she even teased him saying, “don’t consider this as a date” with a sweet smile.

Romantic Dreams
In one of the most riveting episodes of the show, Abishola keeps having recurring dreams of spending quality time with Bob. She dreams of having romantic encounters with him. Is this an indication that she’s developing feelings of love for Bob? Watch the entire show this Valentine’s and know more about their love story.

Together Forever
One day when Bob and Abishola go out to a fancy dinner, he gets a call notifying him of the hospitalization of his mother. Right then, both of them rush to the hospital to take care of her. This sweet gesture by Abishola, showing her genuine and selfless nature, and her virtue of always being there for him whatever the situation.

Abishola for Dottie
Bob hires Abishola to take care of his mother Dottie. She goes through a very hard time dealing with Dottie while juggling with her hospital duties. She still strives to manage both on her own. Bob is really happy with this thoughtfulness of Abishola. It is in this moment when both of them get a chance to come closer to each other and develop a great bond full of respect and understanding.

A proposal
It was on a dinner date between Bob and Abishola on Valentine’s Day, when he proposes to Abishola and shares his feelings for her by saying those three magical words. However, she tries to dodge this question owing to their cultural differences.

Tune into Comedy Central this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, from 9 AM to 7 PM and watch the enticing love story of Bob Hearts Abishola

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