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‘Bhole Bhole’, A Transcendent Musical Journey Blending Timeless Devotion and Empowerment

Prepare to embark on a divine musical odyssey as the talented Vikram Montrose releases the pop devotional track, ‘Bhole Bhole’, a song that masterfully combines the timeless verses of Rudrashtakam Shlok with an empowering melody. ‘Bhole Bhole’ invites listeners to tap into their inner strength and overcome life’s challenges. It resonates with strength and grace, capturing the divine energy of Shiva in every note.

Composed, penned and sung by Vikram Montrose, ‘Bhole Bhole’ is a transformative experience. This unique composition combines devotion with empowerment, creating a harmonious blend of spirituality and contemporary music. The song’s captivating melody is set to touch your soul, elevating your spirits with its powerful lyrics and evocative imagery.

To complement this extraordinary musical composition, “Bhole Bhole” features a distinct video experience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the spirit of Shiva.

Singer, Composer and Lyricist, Vikram Monrose shared, “I am excited to share ‘Bhole Bhole’ with the world, as this song is a tribute to the divine energy of Lord Shiva and a celebration of inner strength. Also, it’s a privilege to have B Unique Crew join this journey, their powerful and awe-inspiring dance moves complements the song’s message beautifully. I hope ‘Bhole Bhole’ resonates with the hearts of our listeners and inspires them to overcome theirs, just as the sacred Shloks and Lord Shiva’s cosmic prowess have inspired me.”

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