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An Honest Conversation with the renowned web series actors Amol Parashar and Naveen Kasturia on Be A Man Yaar.

In the upcoming episode of ‘Be A Man, Yaar, with Nikhil Taneja,’ we can look forward to two highly acclaimed web-series actors Amol Parashar and Naveen Kasturia candidly sharing their thoughts on a wide array of subjects. From digging into their childhood experiences of seclusion to participating in deep dialogue about love and the amazing connection they share, this episode promises to be a joyride.

Both, Amol and Naveen, have engineering backgrounds and have had a similar career trajectory. When discussing the topics of sex and masturbation, they opened up about how there was a lack of sex education during their educational years. Naveen shared a personal anecdote, recounting, “In our college, one of the guys was caught masturbating at the back of the class, and for the longest time, I believed it wasn’t natural and wasn’t for me.” Amol also discussed men bonding through the objectification of women, highlighting that this phenomenon occurred worldwide, but he refused to make bonds whose foundations hinged upon blatant insult of women.

During the conversation about manhood initiated by the host, Nikhil Taneja, Amol Parashar mentioned, “I’ve never been the stereotypical ‘man’s man’ or a ‘boy’s boy.’ I’ve never belonged to the group known as ‘The Boys,’ which is frequently associated with alpha males. In Bollywood films, we often witness actors appear and effortlessly take on many foes at once. I never imagined myself as a macho man.” Naveen Kasturia added, “We commonly see in movies the idea that if someone even looks at our sister(s), we should quickly resort to physical action. I believe Mahatma Gandhi symbolizes true masculinity by being patient and not reacting aggressively. It is necessary to speak up, but there is no need to resort to violence and aggressiveness.”

Catch all these insightful discussions and personal revelations in the upcoming episode, exclusively on Yuvaa’s YouTube channel. Don’t miss out on this candid and eye-opening conversation that sheds light on various aspects of life, manhood and the state of modern day masculinity. Tune into Amazon Music for the unfiltered, extended version of the episode.

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