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Abhishek Kumar is the runner up of Bigg Boss 17.

When Abhishek Kumar, known for his role in Bekaaboo, joined Bigg Boss 17, his past troubles resurfaced with the arrival of his ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya.

 Initial tensions led to heated arguments, portraying Abhishek as pretentious initially, but he later earned a hero status. Facing accusations, ostracism, and mental health challenges, Abhishek’s emotional journey resonated with viewers. Despite moments of breakdown, he emerged stronger and finished as the show’s runner-up. 

His emotional side, particularly during a crucial moment involving Isha’s boyfriend, endeared him to Bigg Boss fans, solidifying his position as a strong player. Abhishek, a spirited Punjabi, engaged in numerous house arguments, and though he didn’t win, he left the show with a high head and a smile, garnering a significant fan base. Best wishes to Abhishek Kumar for his future endeavors

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