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Aamir Khan shares insights into his distinct post-divorce connection with former spouse Kiran Rao.

Aamir Khan has shed light on his unique post-divorce relationship with ex-wife Kiran Rao, underscoring that they share more of a familial connection than that of estranged partners.

Despite officially parting ways in August 2021, the couple, who married in 2005, has successfully maintained a harmonious bond both personally and professionally. Aamir challenged the conventional notion that divorces inevitably lead to hostility, humorously questioning, “Has a doctor ever claimed that divorce turns you into immediate enemies?” He expressed gratitude for Kiran’s continued presence in his life, emphasizing the profound connection they share on human and emotional levels.

Dismissing the idea that divorces breed animosity, Aamir stated, “I consider myself lucky that Kiran came into my life, and our journey together has been incredibly fulfilling, both personally and professionally. We have created a lot together, and moving forward, we are still together.”

Highlighting the familial nature of their relationship, Aamir acknowledged Kiran’s intelligence and playfully mentioned the occasional scolding he receives from her. He described their connection as that of a family, stating, “We are emotionally and humanly connected, and we will always be like a family.”

Despite their divorce, the duo continues to collaborate on various projects. Kiran Rao’s upcoming directorial venture, “Laapataa Ladies,” produced by Aamir Khan and Jyoti Deshpande, is set to release on March 1, serving as a testament to their enduring bond and positive example of navigating personal and professional lives with mutual respect in an industry often scrutinizing relationships.

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